Yes, it is.

By executive order, everybody has to wear protective wear to prevent the spreading of droplets.

Our special facemask (half mask) made of special plastic was developed mainly to prevent droplets from spreading.

Such is the main function of our product. And such is the executive order.

The mask complies with most executive orders regarding the prevention of respiratory diseases. Please refer to your country's government guidelines for further information.

The SEQURE facemask is in compliance with European certification - CE - for protective equipment and comes with all necessary dermatological testing.

The SEQURE facemask is suitable for any kind of application including workplaces, schools, etc.

Our facemask can be mistaken for a protective shield which may be not accepted by some institutions. Unlike the shield, our facemasks are in direct contact with the face of the wearer and thus is similar to textile or surgical masks. 

No, it won't. The same goes for the textile or surgical mask.

The only protective gear that will protect you from viruses is the respirator of KN95/FFP2 class which prevents up to 95% of viruses from entering your respiratory system.  The efficiency with the FFP3 class is even up to 99%, but this protection is for a limited time only - usually 4 to 5 hours before you have to exchange the filter.

Complete protection can be attained by combining protective glasses or shields and a class FFP3 respirator.

While wearing a mask you prevent droplets from spreading o their usual range of several meters before they reach the ground. All masks including the SEQURE facemask allows air to circulate without any kind of filtration.

For more information see the following animations.

The SEQURE facemask is better than a textile mask because

- you can breathe more freely while at the same time you prevent droplets from spreading

- can be used repeatedly You can disinfect it regularly. One SEQURE facemask can last several years. Hopefully, you won't need it that long

- and many more 


Children up to 2 years of age do not have to wear any kind of protective wear in the Czech Republic (6 years in Slovakia).

We kept children in mind so you can choose a suitable version for them.

If you are purchasing masks for older children/teenagers with larger faces, please be sure you have measured their faces beforehand so you can choose the right option.

To choose the right size of the mask, measure the distance between the tip of your nose to the edge of your ear.

Adult version: 11 x 27 cm + adjustable ear loops

This version is suitable for people who measured 13 cm and more.

Child version: 11 x 20.5 cm + adjustable ear loops

This version is suitable for people who measured from 10 to 13 cm.

If you measured less than 10 cm, the mask will apply pressure to your ears. This can be solved by cutting the mask. Please bear in mind that our product is not intended for wearers who measured 10 cm and less.

The SEQURE mask gets foggy outdoors, especially during the cold weather. If you need your mouth to be seen, there is a simple procedure how to minimize or completely prevent fogging.

1) Apply any kind of anti-fog agent (spray-on, tissues).

2) Wash the mask with soap and rinse before use.

3) Treat the mask with any kind of shaving foam and rinse before use.